Delicious Italian Salad

This is the recipe of one of my favourite salads of all times (although there are a couple that are very close – oh yes, chicken-mango-grape salad, I’m talking about you). It is Italy on a plate! It has tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, parma ham, some pasta (for those of you not afraid of carbs – I am most certainly not, so bring it oon). For fans of these ingredients, this salad is definitely something for you.

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Crumble Mania! Apple Crumble and Berry Crumble

Hi guys! Nothing is easier, faster, or better tha a homemade crumble. Here I’ll give you two different versions that I love making; one with apples and cinnamon, and one with berries. Serve with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and life is perfect.

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